DesignWright Website Development


DesignWright is a startup team of UX designers and web developers working together to create project management solutions such as a PERT chart maker web application.


DesignWright needed a scalable way to acquire clients and so they wanted to establish an online presence with a business website. I was contracted by DesignWright as their web developer and was tasked with creating their first website.


The startup team had an initial design for their website on Figma. I worked with their UX designers through many design iterations of the website. We were able to come up with a clean and simple design for the website.

DesignWright website designed in Figma
DesignWright website design in Figma

I started the website development immediately after receiving the final design on Figma. My goal as their web developer was to develop the website as close as possible to the final design and they gave me the discretion on the approaches to developing their website.

Since DesignWright intended for me to also manage and update their website, I wanted to have more control and avoid overheads when adding features to the website. I decided to write their website from scratch using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery). I hosted the source code on GitHub and integrated with Netlify so that I can easily push changes for the live website.


Utilizing this website, DesignWright was able to acquire a client that wanted a PERT chart maker application. I was then contracted to help develop the PERT chart maker web application. PageSpeed Insights Results