Selected Projects

Yes Nails CRM

Yes Nails is a local nail salon. I originally created an iOS app (iPad/iPhone) that helps them manage customers (i.e. Customer Relationship Management app). The iPad version would be responsible for taking in customers name and their desired services. The iPhone version would be used by the staff to see the list of customers and their desired services. I decided to port the iOS app into a web app for easier maintanence. I took the advantage of the features of a Progressive Web App (PWA). The web app is hosted on Heroku and uses Firebase Realtime Database to handle customer management. Source code can be available upon request.


This was my first hackathon project. I was responsible for the front-end for this web application. The goal was to make a web app that solves the following challenge: "How can the city (Indianapolis) promote more donations of time and resources?" I worked alongside with three people who had done the backend of the app. There is no demo available.

Source code

Pinkman 2

This is my first project that I have worked on. It was an entry to an online game jam called My First Game Jam. This game was developed in the Unity3D game engine. Gameplay was programmed in the C# programming language.

Link to the game